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A poem is never finished, only abandoned.  ~Paul Valťry
Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.  ~Carl Sandburg
Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.  ~Thomas Gray
Poetry is not always words.  ~Audrey Foris
Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.  ~Edgar Allan Poe


Anger Management
2003-11-01 - 10:38 p.m.

Another plate crashes to the floor

Another cup that narrowly missed

It seems as though my aim has gotten poor.

While your fist is trapped in the wall

A phone whizzes by your face

All for nothing, because you have no balls.

A curtain ignited, a gallon of water poured

A chair thrown across the room

Donít worry, bastard, Iím keeping score.

A window shatters, a table smashed

Cushion ripped to shreds, a pillow ripped

Your favorite shirt? Yeah, itís now trashed.

Brakes tampered with, sugar in the tank

I wouldnít try to drive, just a fair warning

Perhaps you should walk, no need for you to thank me.

Hair pulled, a cheek smacked

Have you ever thought

Of getting off your ass?

Clothes tossed out into the muddy yard

Bags of your special stash slowly going down the toilet

Hmph, did you not think I could throw that far?

Papers torn, notebooks destroyed

My priceless hierlooms from my mother

Barely missed the back of your growing boy..

What are you, a man?

Donít make me fucking laugh

You canít even throw properly

And you run like a sissy ass.

Get off my property, you bag of shit

Or the cops will come and drag you away

And I will tell them just who you hit.

Donít even look at me that way, donít begin to smirk

I know how to use a gun, and the back yard is big enough

To hide your body and my growing mirth.

Go ahead and turn your back, so stupid and brave

Do you truly think I donít have the guts

To send you to an early grave?

Better yet, let me cut you open

And pour salt in the wounds

Then bind you with alcohol swabs

And throw you to the coons.

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